Survivalist: Being Self-Sufficient in a Technology Dependent World

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Due to our increased dependence on technology we as a society are becoming less self-sufficient. Fewer and fewer people know how to make a fire without matches, build a shelter, hunt food, purify water and gather nuts and berries. If Armageddon hit, let’s face it, most of us would not have a chance of survival.

However, all is not lost. By learning just a few skills and following a few tips, you can become a completely self-sufficient survivalist. Hopefully you’ll never end up alone in the bush, but even if you don’t you’ll definitely be able to whip out your survivalist skills on camping and bushwalking trips.

Your first step to becoming a self-sufficient survivalist is to remember the SURVIVAL acronym:

Suss out your situation. Calmly assess any immediate dangers.

Utilise your senses and good judgement. Making rash decisions is likely to end badly (and takes away major survivalist points).

Remember where you are. Try to orient yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have a survival kit with a compass, work out which way north is and try to figure out a route to safety.

Vanquish negative thoughts and feelings of panic.

Improvise with what you’ve got. The best way to be self-sufficient is to be resourceful and creative with any equipment you have with you and anything you can find.

Value your life. The best survivalists have a strong will to live. Don’t give in to apathy.

Act like the any animals you can see. Remember, animals are the ultimate survivalists. You can learn where water, food and shelter are just by watching.

Learn basic skills. If possible, become as self-sufficient as you can before you have to be a survivalist. Learn how to hunt, find and purify water and build shelter.


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